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StreetMeetOK October 2019 Flyer

It’s Halloween!

Join us for our second themed meet! Dress up, dress down, get creative or get spooky! Just go all out! We cannot wait to see you all October 26th at 4:30pm!

StreetMeetOK Group Photo September 2019

We are growing every month!

In this photo we have 65 people but we had right around 80+ total attendees! It was nice meeting all of the new attendees, we hope that you all had a great first time attending StreetmeetOK and we would love for you to come again! Now you met more of your fellow creatives, go make some art outside of meets!

It’s our first themed meet!

Time to use your grandparent's clothes and stuff or pop some tags from the thrift shop for this month's meet!

This month's theme is Vintage, just wear anything comes in your mind when you hear the word "vintage". 2000MySpace, 90s, 80s, 70s, 300 BC.. anything!

Dressing up and having props is not required but we highly encourage you!

StreetMeetOK Group Photo August 2019

Once again another great turnout!

We absolutely love to see new faces and more people coming and having a good time!

StreetMeetOK August 2019 Flyer

This month's meet we are back on the streets!

Last month we had over 50 attendees and we are getting bigger and bigger! On August 24th, Saturday at 6PM we will gather up once again and make some amazing art! This location got some of the best murals in the city and got a little bit of modernized vintage house vibes! All models, photographers, and performers of ANY skill level and ALL styles are welcome to attend this photowalk. Even if you attend other page's meet! So come, meet new people that also love what you love, and let's have some fun!

StreetMeetOK July 2019 Flyer


This month's meet will be at the Boathouse District! It's such a beautiful location, perfect for those summer urban outfits y'all got! On Saturday, July 27th at 6pm we will gather up, hang out, exchange info, all that fun stuff! Then, at 7pm we will start walking, modeling, shooting, and getting it poppin'! You are all more than welcome to bring props to get creative with! Smoke grenades, balloons, anything!! You already know as always, EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO COME! This FREE event welcomes all skill level!

StreetMeet June 2019 Flyer

Our first ever collab with another page!

Join us on June 22nd, Saturday at 6PM! Let's get off the streets for a little bit and let's enjoy this nature before it gets too hot! This place is perfect for that spring/summer shots! ALL SKILL LEVEL WELCOME! Just started modeling or shooting? COME! Pro? COME! We would love to meet you all!

StreetMeetOK April 2019 Flyer

What up Oklahomies!

Our next meet-up will be on a SATURDAY, April 27th at the Deep Deuce District at 5pm. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO COME! Models, photographers, performers, all of you! No matter what skill level and style. Tell your friends and we will see you all soon!

StreetMeetOK Group Photo March 2019

Thank you all for coming to our very first meet!

We are glad to meet you all and we hope that you guys had a great time! There were 40+ attendees!

StreetMeetOK March 2019 Flyer

Our very first meet is 3/16/19!

Photographers, models, fire breathers, any performer, let's get this poppin'! Everybody is welcome to come, no matter what the skill level! JUST COME! Bring props, smoke grenades, your dog etc. Let's get creative!