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San Gabriel Valley Airport has graciously opened their arms AGAIN, and is allowing us to photograph classic planes and VW’s on their tarmac!

StreetMeetLA July 2019 Flyer

It’s Going to Be an Amazing Meet!

San Gabriel Valley Airport has graciously opened their arms and are allowing us to photograph classic planes and VW’s on their tarmac! n honor of summer, classic planes and cars, there will be TWO themes: 1940’s vintage and or Bikini/Swimwear

StreetMeetLA June 2019 Group Photo


Thank you everyone that showed up to the 4yr StreetMeetLA Anniversary Photo Meet!!! Organizing these photo meets every month for the So Cal photography community makes me really happy! The goal has always been to connect people together with a common interest and LOTS of creative energy. You ALL sure haven’t disappointed! Each and every one of you ARE AMAZING and has a special place in my heart. Thank you for making StreetMeetLA be all that it could be! We REALLY appreciate that we can ALL come together in a SAFE environment, drama free and everyone being completely nice and respectful towards one another!

- Dovvie

StreetMeetLA June 2019 Flyer

WOW! 4 Years!

Let’s celebrate all of you! You all have made this possible from our first met 4 years ago!

StreetMeetLA May 2019 Group Photo

You All are Amazing!

Huge shoutout to the hundreds of you that made it out to Sunday’s meet. Thank you to all the models, fire breathers and performers! Shoutout to LAFD, LAPD and LAPR for being so cool with us. Thank you all for a fun time!

StreetMeetLA May 2019

Who’s Ready for Another Meet!

Our next photography meet is MAY 26th. We've hosted a few meets here, and have to admit, it's one of our favorite location. Models, performers, fire breathers, dancers, acroyoga artists are all welcome to come!

StreetMeetLA April 2019 Flyer

Spring is Upon Us!

In honor of Spring, the theme is floral. Bring flowers, floral props, anything and everything floral. Lush with tons of trees, rope swings, grass, trails, a creek & a huge wide tunnel. Models, DO NOT wear high heels. Please dress accordingly.

Happy New Year!

Another Year of StreetMeet is Upon Us!

Join us at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park to kick off our 2019 meets!

StreetMeetLA December 2018 Flyer

We’re Back!

And for a good cause. We’re collecting toys for Para los Ninos. Come by and join us at Sepulvida Basin December 9th

StreetMeetLA October 2018 Flyer

It’s Our Annual Halloween Meet!

It’s our most popular photo meet of the year! We’ll be walking and shooting through Forrests and wooded areas. It’s all taking place on SUNDAY OCTOBER 28, 2-6PM.

StreetMeetLA September 2018 Flyer

See you Sept 8th for Our Next Meet!

Come join us at Whittier Narrows Dam for an evening of smoke, fire & portraits on SATURDAY, September 8th!

StreetMeetLA August 2018 Flyer

Join Us for Our First Ticketed Event!

This shoot will be extremely organized and is limited to 30 photographers only. We'll have 6 professional bikini models and 6 shooting locations. You’ll be able to shoot all 6 models in a span of 4 hours.We'll have fun pool floaties (Unicorns, pizza slices, emoji symbols) as props, two seamless backdrop set-ups and a ping pong area for shooting.

StreetMeetLA July 2018 Flyer

We’re Back at an All-time Favorite!

Join us at Lower Arroyo Park as we explore and photograph models, performers & more underneath Pasadena’s historic, “Suicide Bridge”!

StreetMeetLA June 2018 Meet

We’re Joining the A Branded Life Car Meet!

We’ll be photographing cool cars and models! June 23, 2018. Show starts at 4PM and goes till 10PM. Come look for us at the Smoke Visuals booth!

StreetMeetLA June 2018 Flyer

We’re Turning Three!

This location is amazzzzing! Lush with tons of trees, rope swings, grass, trails, a creek & a huge wide tunnel. Models, DO NOT wear high heels. Please dress accordingly.

StreetMeetLA April 2018 Flyer

We've got a great location this month!

It is urban, industrial, with a ton of incredible colorful graffiti. Models DO NOT wear high heels. Please dress accordingly. If you're a model, dancer, photographer, smoke performer, fire breather etc join us! This is open to all creatives!

StreetMeet February 2018 Flyer

We’ve got a Valentine’s themed meet

Whether you're a model, photographer, videographer, etc join us! This is open to all. This is a Valentine’s Day themed meet. Please dress accordingly. We encourage props such as balloons, roses, flowers and anything relating to Valentine’s Day.

StreetMeetLA January 2018 Flyer

It time for our 1st photo meet

of 2018!

Let’s kickoff 2018 with one epic meet!

StreetMeetLA December 2017 Flyer

Join us for another toy drive meet!

This is a BEAUTIFUL location and we’re excited to share it with you all. This will be our last meet for 2017, and we can’t wait to see all of you at this gorgeous location for an afternoon filled with creativity and shooting.

StreetMeetLA November 2017 Flyer

Join us Nov 19th!

We’ve got a special guest joining us for this meet! AMAZE VR will be coming out to capture our event with their software so let’s put one hell of a show!

StreetMeetLA October 2017 Flyer

We’ve got a co-host for our next meet!

This meet is going to be co-hosted by! This particular section of the Sepulveda Basin contains a dirt trail through fields of dry brush, a lake with a natural preserve, rivers, bridges and underpasses. Our last stop will take place at the Sepulveda Dam where you will have the opportunity to photograph models, fire breathers, smoke performers and the sunset!

StreetMeetA September 2017 Flyer

El Dia De Los Muertos Meet!

If you haven't been to a photo meet in a while, or want to experience your first photo meet, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS MEET!

StreetMeetLA August 2017 Flyer

Fairy Lights Meet!

This themed meet will be happening in historic Downtown San Pedro August 5th, 6PM. We've got an amazing, fun route planned just for you!

StreetMeetLA June 2017 Flyer

This is going to be EPIC!

Because it's our birthday, we wanted to make this photo meet extra special. there will be FREE pizza & garlic knots for the first 100 people (arrive early), drink specials, models, performers, fire breathers, classic cars, prizes, giveaways & much more!!!!

StreetMeetLA May 2017 Flyer

Our next meet is Saturday, May 13th

We've hosted a few meets here, and have to admit, it's our favorite location. Models, performers, fire breathers, dancers, acroyoga artists are all welcome to come.

StreetMeetLA April 2017 Group Photo

WOW!! Just wow!!

StreetMeet first started 2 years ago, and we’re always blown away by the photographers and talent we meet after each event. Each meet is so unique, so different and so special. As a community of photographers, artists, models and performers, you, yes, YOU are what makes StreetMeet.

StreetMeetLA April 2017 Flyer

We've a got a fun route in store for you!

Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, model, fire breather, performer, etc, we'd LOVE to have you join us!

StreetMeetLA February 2017 Flyer

Let’s kickoff our 2017 meets!

We will be indoors in a dope abandoned
warehouse. Photographers bring any and all battery operated lighting gear/icelights/ flash systems if you got em.

StreetMeetLA Group Photo December 2016

Thank you to everyone that came out this very special meet!

Thank you ALL for coming out. Without you, these photo meets & walks wouldn't exist. The support and feedback you have given all year long has been incredible!

StreetMeetLA December 2016 Flyer

We're back!!!!

This is going to be an amazing photo meet! This is going to be our last meet for 2016, so please come! We're linking up with our friends at olloclip for this special meet. Olloclip is throwing an awesome photo gallery show along with a pop-up shop!

StreetMeetLA October 2016 Flyer

It's our second annual Halloween meet!

In the spirit of Halloween, we encourage you to wear a costume, or paint your face or wear a mask and bring your friends & family! We've got a really cool planned walk for you all with plenty of stops in-between to photograph models, the L.A. river, cool architecture, graffiti’d walls, buildings, freeways and much more!

StreetMeetLA Flyer October 2016

Are you ready for another meet? We are!

Our next photography meet is Sunday, October 2nd. We hosted our second meet here, and by popular demand we're back at it again!!

StreetMeetLA Flyer August 2016


Our next meet will occur at Pasadena’s suicide bridge! If you missed us here last year, join us this year! If you were there last year, we hope to see you there!

StreetMeetLA July 2016 Flyer

It's our One Year (one month) Anniversary meet!!

In honor of our one year anniversary, we will have food, beverages and a fun giveaway at a picnic bench next to Point Vicente Lighthouse. Look for us. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks as well. There will be plenty of time to photograph models before our departure.

StreetMeetLA Group Photo April 2016


HUGE thank you to the 150+ photogs that made it out to Sunday's San Pedro meet. Without you, these meets wouldn't be what they are.

StreetMeetLA April 2016 Flyer

Hey family!

Now that the weather is warming up and the clock sprung forward, we're back. We're kicking off our first Spring photo meet at the Korean Bell of Friendship in San Pedro. The meet is at 3:30pm w/ a 4:30pm departure. This will be a guided walk with various stops to photograph scenery and models. At 7pm we will catch the sunset in a very special area.

StreetMeetLA Group Photo January 2016

We did it!!

Thank you everyone to who braced the cold & came out to the StreetMeetLA CES takeover! We had such an AMAZING time!!! Thanks to all the Vegas locals that came out as well. You guys rock!

StreetMeetLA Flyer January 2016

We’ll be taking over the streets of Las Vegas!

Grab your cameras, hit the road, and join us as we invade the streets of Las Vegas with professional models, street performers, neon lights and overall crazy madness! Who knows, you might even hit big at the tables!

StreetMeetLA December 2015 Flyer

Tis the season!

Join us on December 13th as we team up with the DTLA based organization Para Los Ninos for this very special photo meet. Para Los Ninos is an organization the helps transform the lives of impoverished children and their families providing education, food, shelter and specialized programs. Para Los Ninos serves more than 7,000 children and their families each year.

StreetMeetLA Group Photo November 2015


You’ve continued to show out and create such an amazing community! You all make StreetMeet a success!

StreetMeetLA November 2015 Flyer

Hey family! Are you ready for the next StreetMeet?

We'll be hitting up some dope spots outside and inside of buildings, allies, and a few special surprises mixed in!

StreetMeetLA Group Photo October 2015


We hope each and everyone of you had an amazing time, and we hope you were able to connect with other photographers and models as well! You are all amazing, crazy, talented individuals and it's such an honor to host these meets. Speaking of talent, we want to thank all the models for coming out and dressing up for this Special Halloween edition! Without you, StreetMeet wouldn't be what it is today. Photographers, make sure you connect with any models you photographed!

StreetMeetLA October 2015 Flyer

Are you ready for the next StreetMeet?!

In honor of Halloween, we encourage you to wear a costume. THERE WILL BE A CONTEST FOR BEST COSTUME! You don't have to come in a costume, but it's encouraged! Bring wide angle lenses if you have them. This particular route has many areas to capture Downtowns skyscrapers!

StreetMeetLA Group Photo October 2015

One community of creative like minded individuals.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you guys, StreetMeet would be nothing.

StreetMeetLA October 2015 Flyer


On Sunday October 4th, join us for our FOURTH StreetMeetLA. We'll be meeting at the Sepulveda Basin. This particular section of the Sepulveda Basin contains a dirt trail through fields of dry brush, a lake with a natural preserve, rivers, bridges and underpasses. Our last stop will take place at the Sepulveda Dam where you will have the opportunity to photograph models, dancers, fire breathers and the sunset.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.03.07 PM.png


Thank you to the 60+ photographers that made it out to this month's StreetMeet! It was a hot afternoon, but we did it! What an amazing experience. We were thrilled to see all of you connect with one another. This is exactly why StreetMeet was born. To connect through imagery, face-to-face and to make the world a little smaller.

StreetMeetLA August 2015 Flyer


On August 30th, join us for our THIRD summer photo Street Meet L.A.! We'll be meeting at Pasadena's Arroyo Seco & Suicide Bridge.

StreetMeetLA Group Photo July 2015

A HUGE heart-felt thank you!

The 60+ of you that came out to this past Sunday's Street Meet L.A. Despite the humidity and rain which only lasted about 30 minutes at the start, it was a great turnout. We had so much fun, I forgot to round everyone up for a group photo. Next time don't let me forget!

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.54.09 PM.png

It's here! You guys asked for it!

Join StreetMeetLA for its 2nd summer meet, Sunday, July 19th. We'll be meeting at the William Mulholland Memorial Fountain in Los Feliz. We'll be photographing fountains, bridges, cool architecture and spend a lot of time inside another beautiful section of the L.A. River.

StreetMeetLA Group Photo June 2015

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in our first StreetMeet!

What a huge success. Over 75 photographers came out! It was such an honor to meet each and every one of you!!! Keep a look out for information for next months meet soon!

StreetMeetLA June 2015 Flyer

We're really looking forward to this Sunday's StreetMeet!

Bring you cameras, friends, significant others for a late afternoon of networking, and photographing as we hit the streets of DTLA!