What is StreetMeet?
StreetMeet is a monthly gathering of creatives in various communities. We aim to gather once a month to allow creatives to network, create content and share tips and tricks.

Do I have to sign up?
There usually is no signup required for our monthly meets. However, some meets may require a sign-up depending on the location.

Do I have to pay to attend a meet?
Our monthly meets are free to attend. Although there may be some workshops or field trips that may not be free.

What happens during a meet?
We network with each other, learn from each other and explore different parts of our respective cities. Along with that, we assist one another to capture the perfect shots.

How long does a meet last?
We aim to use the best environmental light and schedule our meets based on what time the sun will set (Golden hour). The typical meet will last 3 hours or well into the night.

Where can I find photos of myself?
We recommend exchanging contact information(email, IG handle, etc.) with the photographers or you can check your respective city’s StreetMeet hashtag.

How can I find the model(s) I took a photo of?
We recommend exchanging contact information (email, IG handle, etc.) or you can check your respective city’s StreetMeet hashtag.

Want to collaborate with StreetMeet?
We are always looking to provide our communities with opportunities. Please send us an email to so we can planning together.

So StreetMeet is selling shirts and hoodies now?
Yes, shirts and hoodies are available in our shop. Through the sale of the merchandise we will be able to provide more public galleries and bring more opportunities to the communities.

Have an issue with an order?
Contact us at

Need to return something?
Just email us at and we’ll work to get your order corrected.