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ABQStreetMeet October 2019 Flyer

Let’s Get Spooky!

We’ve got a Halloween themed meet this month! Sunday October 27th we’ll be at Mariposa Basin Park dressing up and getting creative with some amazing looks!

ABQStreetMeet September 2019 Group Photo

We Finally Got a Group Photo!

Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in our masterclass! We hope you were able to take gems and improve your skills.

ABQStreetMeet September 2019 Flyer.PNG

We’re Putting On a Masterclass!

We’re finally able to bring you a workshop on editing basics! We will be teaching you all the basic skills and tools used by portrait artists to clean skin and enhance images. Join us September 27th, Click here for more information.

ABQStreetMeet August 2019 Flyer

It’s Back to School Season!

This meet’s theme is Neon Nightwalk! So bring out the props and lighting and lets create! See you August 11th at 8pm.

Join Us by the River!

It’s summer! So we’re hitting up the river for this month’s meet. Bring your swimsuits, outfits and props as we bring the heat this meet!

ABQStreetMeet June 2019 flyer.PNG

We’re Going Pastel Punk!

Come through June 1st as we celebrate 1 year of ABQStreetMeet! We’re going to have workshops for you and plenty of space for you to create with. We can’t wait to see you all!

ABQStreetMeet March 2019 flyer.PNG

It’s Time For Spring Break!

We’re hitting up the UNM campus for this month’s meet! Everyone is welcome to join and we hope you do. Meet starts at 2pm. See you there!

ABQStreetMeet January 2019 Flyer

Let’s Kickoff 2019!

We’re getting active with January’s meet. Join us at Sandia Crest as we hike up and capture some great scenes and photos. Meet kicks off at 2pm.

ABQStreetMeet October 2018 Flyer.PNG

We’re Hosting a Halloween Shootout!

Sign up for this themed workshop as we get spooky and hands-on creating content! We hope you’re able to join.

ABQStreetMeet October 2018 Group Photo.PNG

We Got a Group Picture!

Look. At. Us. Go. Y’all. So stoked to have seen EACH and every one of you. We are so excited to see all you will create and have created. All the new people you met and will meet. Thank you all for making StreetMeet what it is!

ABQStreetMeet October 2018 Flyer 1.PNG

Let’s hit the Beach!

We’re getting creative once again! Join us October 19th at Tingley Beach for another StreetMeet.

ABQStreetMeet July 2018 Flyer

It’s a Summerfest Meet!

Join us for another StreetMeet July 21st at Nobb Hill! We hope to meet new faces and see some familiar ones from our first meet!

ABQStreetMeet June 2018 Flyer

Join Us for the First Albuquerque StreetMeet!

Help us create this community with our first meet June 1, 2018. We’ll be gathering in ABQ Uptown and exploring the neighborhood as we network and create with each other